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UED Expeditionary Fleet

2011-07-09 03:38:21 by MarinesSpecOps

Even though, i hate LeLouch vi Britannia. Even now. I have my OWN Expeditionary Fleet, THE United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet, aka UED Expeditionary Fleet or U.E.D. Expeditionary Fleet! Under DuGalle's command, he let me to be IN CHARGE of the UED Fleet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Your Feelings Of Helplessness Is Your Friend Savage! >:D

The United Armada

2011-04-15 03:08:06 by MarinesSpecOps

The MBORF attacked us everywhere using our captured Arsenals, The Marines Special Operatives or Marines Special Operators, Earth - United Armada Marine Corps Forces Shadow Operations Command or United Armada Marine Shadow Operations Command or UAMARSOC's best arsenal: The Chrono Sphere, used by the Allied Forces, was captured and used it to chronoshift there soldiers inside their Vehicles, to annihilate us.

The United Armada